Zotto Travel LLC

Travel Agency that Specializes in Custom Vacations Unique for you

Travel Agency that Specializes in Custom Vacations Unique for you

Travel Agency that Specializes in Custom Vacations Unique for youTravel Agency that Specializes in Custom Vacations Unique for you

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Perfect Vacation for Our Family!

Santa came early and sent us to Beaches Turks & Caicos for Christmas this year. Having the best time with my best friends! A special thank you to Kariann of Zotto Travel for being Santa's best helper and planning the perfect vacation for our family. - Michael S. 

From Start to Finish!

Kariann was so helpful and seemed to know everything about Aruba. She helped to make our vacation amazing. From start to finish and everything in between. I can't wait to book another vacation and enjoy all her recommendations, as they were all awesome. Thank you for all of your help!! - Krissi S.  

Amazing Customer Service!

Amazing customer service. My family and I went to Disney for my daughter s 7th birthday. Everything was taking care of, all I had to do was bring clothes. Trip was amazing, thank you Kariann! I refer this company to everyone. If you want it done right let Kariann book your vacation/ trip plans. - Janice K.

Amazing Experience!

I can't express enough how wonderful Kariann was with planning our Disney family vacation this past September. First, we decided last minute to book this trip which in itself, if you know Disney, is hard enough to get great reservations and fast Passes. Kariann made sure we had everything we needed from dining and fast pass choices. She was swift with returning emails and texts ALL THE TIME! Even though I did not speak to her, I could tell she did it all with a smile. We could feel how concerned she was with making sure our trip was "magical". From the airport travel with Magical express, to the accommodations at our hotel, the dining and the fast Passes, we could'nt have asked for more. Kariann even texted us the day we arrived, making sure we were all settled an happy. Even with one slight hiccup, which had nothing to do with Kariann's services, she made sure to get that taken care of as well. It was a magical, amazing experience for all of us. We highly recommend her services. We are in the process of using her again for our February adult trip to Disney and will be contacting her in the near future for our Italy trip in the summer of 2018. Thank you, Kariann for everything. You are amazing!!!!!! - Shara B.

Recommended to Friends!

She was amazing! We are using her again for a beach vacation this summer.
I recommended her to two of my friends & they had the same positive reviews. My other friend is using her as well. - Jamie A.

We just returned home from our second Disney trip that was done for us by Kariann. Both trips were awesome because of her planning. From our hotels, to our meals, to our Fast Passes and everything in between was timed perfectly! She has so much "inside" knowledge about Disney and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! - Dee C. 

Kariann was such a pleasure to work with! She went above and beyond in getting our dining and fast pass reservations! She even kept trying to get our Be Our Guest reservations and luckily she did! I recommend her highly! - Heather D.

 This is now going to be the 4th trip Kariann planned for me and I am continually blown away. It's why I recommend her to EVERYONE I know! - Dana C.

Customized Experience!

I recommend Kariann 100%! Knowledgeable experience and personal service to customize your perfect Disney vacation! She helped me secure hard to get dining reservations, FP tickets and important park info! The Disney vacation planning is so overwhelming-just leave it in the hands of Kariann! - Jess D.

 We had the most absolutely wonderful vacation filled with so many memorable magical experiences all because we have the very best and most amazing Disney travel planner Kariann Iannizzotto - Karen B.

 WOW. After an amazing day, got a surprise from Kariann Iannizzotto. Thank you so much!! You've made this trip magical!! - Michael J.

 Arrived in paradise. Thank you Kariann Iannizzotto. It's absolutely beautiful. - Patrizia F.

 Thank you so much to Kariann Iannizzotto with out you I might have gone crazy on this trip!! But we had an amazing time ! Can't wait to start planning out next trip!! - Desiree F.